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The aim of this Web site is to provide a transparent, informative and independent information source for Web developers, designers and other IT professionals.
ServMap Community is a webmaster discussion forum on howto serve maps over internet with the popular UMN Mapserver. Discuss PHP/Mapscript, Maptools and other resources to publish your own maps, and implementation on web hosting environment.
Dew-Code forums came about as a means of supporting our flagship script, but we also have sections devoted to coding your own stuff, and some code snippts you can use and/or add to if you'd like. Drop on by and say hi.
Webmasters and website owners in need of programming services can post their projects to receive multiple bids from registered programmers and providers. If you're in need of programming services or are a competent and experienced programmer then register today to start posting or bidding on projects in your field of expertise. is an active Webmasters Discussion forum for discussing topics related to web hosting, software, control panels, programming/scripting languages (ColdFusion, PHP, ASP etc), web designing, advertising, SEO, Google discussion etc. Also find Articles and Webmaster Resource directory.
We are a new start-up forums community. We offer many webmaster related forums (and more). We feature a universal user registration system. Our goal is to provide users with access to all their favorite forums without the hassle of registering for each one. Each forum is just a click away. But we are new and we need your help! Please come check us out. is the place to find PHP Programmers, Web Designers, Graphic Designers and other Freelance Professionals for your project needs. If you have a programming project you need help on, can connect you with hundreds of qualified freelance programmers willing to do the job. Just post your project needs and the interested freelancers will bid for your project. If you are a freelance PHP programmer, can also help you find projects and earn income.
Come help us grow by helping others, and asking for help if you need it. The forum is in great need of new members, so come get special attention from our staff.
Online discussion forum to share ideas about PHP, ask questions, and get helpful advice and information. Beginners to experienced professionals all welcome to come and participate. Free!
Scriptlisters is a new up and comming auction market place for web developers. It is free to list anything to do with web development from advertising to selling scripts.

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